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This is a service that has recently emerged from the “bigger” customers. We assist businesses with internal controls, management, reporting and getting back on track to ensure everything runs smoothly. Management can then have confidence in the numbers they achieve.

This valuable service gets your business up to optimal productivity. At bdk Software Solutions, we provide the knowledge and skills to help companies solve business problems. If a certain business’ processes are not running smoothly, we do a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the problem and propose suitable solutions.

Under this service offering, we have assisted with inventory controls and the management of staff tasks, ensured accuracy of financial information and implemented the Segregation of Duties Controls. To recover one of our clients’ books, we used Pastel Support to get these books back on track by tracing previous errors and then rectifying them. Additionally, we offer accounting training, set up the group’s controls, create monthly management accounts, and report back to the directors weekly.